A few months into my journey, the fog of grief I was in lifted the tiniest bit. I woke up one morning and for the first time, asked the question, "What the hell just happened?" I began researching. And researching and researching. For hours. I started by googling "Husband changes personalities overnight," which lead me to "Husband is a pathological liar" which lead me to, finally, "Psychopathy." When I read about the sociopathic relationship cycle, idealize, devalue, discard, I got chills all over my body. I knew instinctively that this is exactly what had happened to me. If you are in the beginning stages of realizing your fairytale romance is anything but, you may want to start with the resources I've listed to the right. Knowledge is power and understanding what happened to you and why is the first step in taking back your power. 

the sociopath next door

by martha stout 

Martha Stout investigates the every day sociopath from a clinical perspective but she also adds in a few real-world examples from her own dealings in her private practice as a therapist. 

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This is a forum for people all over the world who are recovering from psychopathic relationships.  

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Jon Ronson's investigative reporting writing-style, coupled with the fascinating subject matter, makes this look into the mind of psychopaths a page-turner of a read.  

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