Love Is.

Love is. Love is. Love is. 

What is the definition of love? I'm not so sure I know what love is, so I'll start with what I know love is not. 

Love is not: wanting to be chosen. 

Love is not: always showing the best version of yourself. 

Love is not: needing or being needed. 

Love is not: unloading your trauma onto someone else and asking them to absorb it. The only person who can unburden you is you. 

Love is not easy. Love is not always hard. 

I've only just begun to allow myself to love (romantically) in a real way. What I'm finding out is that: 

Love is being honest. About who you are and not just who you are on a good day. Love is showing someone everything, all the good stuff but all the uncomfortable, messy parts too. 

Love is making decision after decision that might not feel good or fun or exciting. Love is also good and fun and exciting. 

The reason love is undefinable is because love is not a thing. Love is many courageous actions and decisions made day after day, over and over again. 

Not everyone can love in this way. It's not for everyone. But if you're reading this right now, you are probably getting closer to giving and accepting this kind of honest, brave love. 

Let it in.